Inner Wellness Management

The Practice Behind The Science 

Inner Wellness Management

The Practice Behind The Science 
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Tracey S. Schram

Founder of Inner Wellness Management: The Practice Behind The Science

Certified Vini Yoga Instructor and a Certified Yoga Trapeze Instructor, Tracey's shares her space and knowledge on managing one's mental health, noticing and reflecting on one's self-concept, and modulating a wellness plan for people who desire to live authentically and to design a lifestyle created to their highest values.  Tracey also holds a in B.A. Psychology and has over 30 years experience as an informed wellness practitioner and an AFLCA fitness instructor in older adult fitness, strength and conditioning training, aerobics and step aerobics. As an advocate for self-love and personal development investment, Tracey shares how to experience exponential gains in your overall health and wellness through nutrition for your brain and body. 

Trapeze Yoga Tool for Inner Wellness Management


Trapeze Yoga


Vini Yoga: Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, Nidra

Yoga Based Wellness Supports
A Yoga Based Self-Harm Reduction Modality
Yoga Based Supports
Nutrition For Body & Mind
Self Concept Modulating Daily
Coping Skills


"Inner Wellness Management is like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life!


People have said exercise is very important for you when struggling with depression and I’m not one to go to the gym or join a workout class with lots of other people, it’s just not me. Inner Wellness Management is just right for me! Tracey built on my interests and goals and personalized a program to my body and mind.

It’s more than just exercise! It heals your mind and she helps you with any issue you are struggling with in your life. Tracey is the real deal and i definitely recommend Inner Wellness Management for help with your depression and ability to deal with life on your terms."

— Amy - Red Deer

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